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What to expect


My training is in existential psychotherapy and counselling psychology.  This means my work is informed and grounded in psychology as well as philosophy.


Existential therapy pays particular focus on the facets, concerns and contradictions that make up human living by looking at the individual and how they are placed in the world.  The world where universal themes around choice, meaning-making, isolation, responsibility, loneliness, loss, anxiety and freedom are balanced. It asks 'what is it like to be you' in the here and now.  

My approach is to facilitate, support and help you make sense of where you are in life. This means looking at what you are currently experiencing, conflicts, distress and tensions that exist and how these are played out or expressed in various areas of your life.  This includes the relationship you have with self and others.  By doing this we engage the possibilites of other modes of personal growth.







"We don't see things as they are, but we see them as we are"

Anais Nin


Tania D'Aloia
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